A fully built sample app ready to fit your brand or project now.

With our sample app, all the best features are implemented from home page to lightning fast checkout––and they’re all totally customizable to fit your brand. You can also:

  • Easily add your products to the pre-built detail pages
  • Configure point-of-sale pages that load quickly and securely
  • Utilize native checkout to improve the buying experience reduce bounce rates and abandoned carts
  • Customize your app as much as you please––the sky’s the limit


Make content work for you with BILDIT’s CMS

Using our content management system you can:

  • Maintain multiple versions of your app
  • Manage your configuration remotely across all platforms
  • Create and store all of your app content and images in one place
  • Manage your products and categories exclusively for your app
  • Improve your marketing and messaging strategy
  • Easily schedule banners and content
  • Host your own code
  • See different versions of your app updated in real time


Take advantage of app clips

Learn how to quickly implement App Clips into your app UI. BILDIT’s software development

kit can help you navigate this emerging technology to improve your user base.

App Clips can be used for:

  • A quick experience or transaction from your app using Apple sign-in
  • Giving users a taste of your app experience
  • Testing new app features before full implementation
  • Seamlessly transitioning users into the full app experience
  • Quickly implementing new features from your app


Quickly add native checkout to your app

Do you want a higher conversion at the point of sale? Of course, you do. BILDIT’s Native

Checkout is the solution providing…

App Clips can be used for:

  • A seamless shopping bag for your customers where it is easy to navigate between shopping and checkout.
  • A one tap checkout designed for all payment types.
  • A fully customizable wire frame to fit your brand
  • The ability to bolt on to any existing app
  • Improved transactions for customers
  • One-tap payment capability
  • Encouraged repeat purchases

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